"Good & Evil" Book Project


You can view the English version of this book here: Good and Evil Book Online 

Update April 1, 2018:

The Bible in comic book form is still in the editing process. March of 2017 I (Tami) finished a thorough review of the Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl Edition. I carefully compared each passage with the English version and prepared charts of changes that would need to be reviewed by language helpers in Mexico. Here in the top photo you will see my workstation in my bedroom where I can work while my little ones sleep close by. It is a sewing table that belonged to my mother, Pat Beller. On the laptop is InDesign graphic software where I enter the Nahuatl language text in the bubbles. On the monitor, I have the Excel files with tables of changes and explanations of how the Aztec needs to be corrected in line with the English or Scripture. Cirilo, has devoted many days this past year to incorporating these edits and addressing my concerns. It will be treasured by people of all ages. If you would like to designate a gift to help with the printing expenses, that would be an encouragement to us. We haven’t lost faith and we trust that God who began this work will be faithful to complete it in His perfect timing.

Update May 25, 2015:

We have COMPLETED the translation of these three graphic Bibles into our three Huasteca Nahuatl dialects, and WE ARE READY to go to print as soon as God provides the funds to print. This book is so beautiful and each page speaks of God’s love for man, His sovereignty, the consequences of sin, and the plan of salvation.

Many people will pick up and purchase this book that would likely never purchase a complete full-text Bible. The pictures improve the understanding and help keep readers engaged in the Scripture content.  And if you look at the bottom of every page the complete Bible reference for each particular story is noted to get people hungry to read the full Bible text.  God promises that His Word is alive and will work in the lives of those who read it!  And as we “feed” our people the Scriptures in a format that they can grasp they will grow and mature in their knowledge of God’s Word, their faith will be strengthened, and lives will be transformed.  We just burst with joy to consider the Lord working in each individual life of ALL VARIOUS AGES through the availability of His WORD speaking to them in Aztec.

Due to the 321 full-color pages in each graphic Bible the cost to print one book will be about $12. Therefore in order to print a minimum of 3,000 in each language ($12 x 9,000) the printing minimum will be $135,000 including shipping.  I estimate this quantity to be less than a 2-year supply especially with us focusing on distribution efforts.  If we place a larger print order (closer to a 4-year supply) we can get the price per book down closer to $10 each but that would be a grand project total near $250,000 for 21,000 books. WOW, I fall to my knees and cry out to the Lord as I type such a large grand total (the minimum total or the full-order) but I trust the Lord to provide for these things that HE has called us to do!  Remember,  last Christmas I was overwhelmed to share with you all the Children’s Bible printing total at $75,000 and the LORD has been FAITHFUL to go before us and PROVIDE.  Praise the LORD!  Therefore we continue to serve the Lord, and endeavor to be obedient to each thing He has placed before us and we surrender the expenses and trust HE will be faithful to complete that which He has begun as He desires. 

Update August 27, 2014:
What a joyful time here at Aztec Ministry! I (Tami) finished entering the translated text and resizing the text bubbles a couple of months ago. Then I sent the files to the translators for proofreading and editing. They would send the needed changes to me for approval and entry into the files. Western and Central have been through three rounds of edits, and there are a few more days of work on Eastern but we are very close to completing that one as well. Next up is to send the printed pages of each of the books to the translators in Mexico. They will read them out loud and confirm the word selection of important sections. Soon we will be ready to print! To God be the Glory!

Update March 15, 2014:
Good news! Translation of "Good and Evil" into three Nahuatl dialects is officially complete. . Praise the Lord! Now it is my (Tami's) responsibility to enter the text into the graphic talk bubbles (which will take me 4-6 weeks to finish the three volumes- I have finished about 530 of the 963 pages to-date). And it is in God's hands to raise the funds to print this Bible in comic book form and get it into the hands of more than one million Huasteca Nahuatl speakers!!! (And each one of them--we love so much!) To God be the Glory great things he has done!

Update February 1st, 2014:  The Western Huasteca Nahuatl first draft translation has been completed (all 321 pages)!  We have 60% of a first draft completed in Central Huasteca Nahuatl and 80% of a first draft of the book completed in Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl.

September 2013: The translation into Nahuatl of the book "Good and Evil," written by Michael Pearl, has just begun!  Please pray with us that God would go before each aspect of this project.

Please pray that we might reach a new audience with this vivid Bible story comic book.

This award-winning graphic novel depicts the Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, and features spectacular full-color artwork by former Marvel Comic artist Danny Bulanadi.