Bible Distribution

Update April 1, 2018

 We just placed an order for 1,000 copies of the complete Bible in the Eastern Huasteca dialect of Nahuatl. This project will cost about $15,000 dollars. If you would like to contribute to the printing expenses, please contact us! We hope to receive the order in 3-5 months.

Update 2017:

To-date we have distributed about 29,500 New Testaments or Bibles in the three dialects of Nahuatl spoken in the Huasteca.

We praise God for what has been accomplished but we are asking God to enable and equip us to print and distribute more Bibles. Estimates show that there are over ONE MILLION Nahuatl speakers in our region.

 29,500 copies distributed is marvelous but

there is still much work to do!

Years ago we had two distribution centers which facilitated access to all our products. But we had to close the Western region book room in Tamazunchale because we lacked the funds to cover the lease and the workers.  We relocated all of the materials to our home book center in Huejutla, Hidalgo. The problem is that this site is two hard hours of travel from our Western dialect area.  An individual that desires to purchase a Bible in Western Nahuatl has to travel by public bus and then walk to our location from the bus terminal.

Individuals often do buy Nahuatl Bibles by the box (15 in each box) at a wholesale price and then return to their community to resell them. We price the Bibles at wholesale so that a distributor/colporter can earn a good day's wage.

Our Bibles cost about $12.50 each to print but we sell them for just about $4. In January, 2014, we will raise our prices to $5.25 each.

There is a significant loss with each Bible as you can see. But we are selling the Bibles for more than one third of a typical day's wage in our area.  Think for a moment about what you earn each day. Then divide your daily wage by three and imagine spending that amount on a book purchase especially if you are having trouble meeting your most basic daily needs.



A Future Outreach for Bible Distribution

We are asking the Lord to provide the Aztec Ministry with three "trucks," (or similar vehicles)--one for each dialect. With many villages to reach we must get creative and take the Word to places and people that cannot come to us in Huejutla, Hidalgo. These trucks would be stocked with Bibles and other materials. Each truck would travel a circuit of distribution and also have a regular set-up in popular outdoor markets on "Market Day."  We already have one willing worker, his name is Efrain.  He desires to travel in the Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl dialect area or to where ever else we need him.

Experts tell us that right now Mexico has enabled 2005 or 2006 model years of vehicles to be most easily imported from the U.S. with the best importation and tax requirements.  Other years are also able to be imported but the rates are prorated differently.

We already have a contact at the Texas border who works in Mexico's Customs Department (Aduana) and often handles the documentation and vehicle importation process.  He is ready to work on our behalf!  We also have a local contact here in TN who owns and operates two used car lots. He has invited us to go to auctions with him and will donate his typical fees for these services to the ministry and reduce all our costs to as low as possible.

We are just waiting on the Lord to provide the funds for such purchases or to lead individuals to give their used vehicle to the Aztec Ministry for Bible distribution. Certainly four wheel drive would be an ideal feature to have also.

Please contact us if you have any ideas regarding this future endeavor.